Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cuti suda mo abess..

hello..cuti dah nak abis..eventho kat calendar states there's 2 more weeks to go..but those days only apply for the students not the teachers! Next week,i'll be at skool..got extra class. English for Year 5.nak cover topic apa yer?grammar?writing?comprehension?huii...i'll think about it tomrw or the day after la hehe..as for today i still wanna bersantai..enjoy my holidays as it lasts for a few days..huhu..
However,the toughtest part is - life back as normal..i'll have to leave my dear hubby again :,( ye la of coz susah sket since almost a month we are together..aduhai,thinking about it already make my heart feel uneasy as there is a thunderstorm coming n sat g my eyes will be flooded ngeeee..but,still have to deal with it..xkan xnk balik keje plak?n thinking about skool plak..my head get tired already haha..surely tonnes of works awaits me..yeah,i can imagine it..dengan the redesigned staffroom lagi..huh pk pun dah letih lum go thru lagi..apa la aku ni =p
Plus,if next year i have to be the hometeacher for Year 1 again..fuh,lagi haru..those little kids..years by years these kids become more n more talkative! it's x easy to control them..i've to plan some new strategies ni..well,last time was my first year as hometeacher..so kelibut la sket..pasni as i already know how n what to do..it should get easier,rite?
neway,that's all for now..have a great day ahead,peace!!!