Friday, December 14, 2012

cheezy chicken pasta

arini i nk share a simple yet delicious recipe..n it's for my baby..but actually it also suitable for adult like us..but of coz for me n mr hubby,we need to add extra ingredients to make the pasta more appetizing hihi...
well,these r what u gonna need to make this pasta..check them out!

3 spoonful of baby pasta(i used heinz star pasta)
1 clove of garlic(minced)
1 tiny shallot(minced)
1 1/2 tablespoon of minced chicken breast
2 tablespoon of minced carrot
1 tablespoon of olive oil
*1 spoon of minced broccoli/celery
cheddar cheese(i used the blocked cheddar coz it has less sodium than the sliced cheddar
*half cup of chicken stock/water

checked? let make some pasta bebeh...
1)cook the pasta as usual-bring the water to boil n cook till soft n tender.
2)in a separate pan,saute the minced garlic n onion till it give a nice aroma.
3)add the carrot n stir for a while.
4)when the carrots become half-tendered,add the chicken.
5)add the chicken stock/water and bring it to boil or till the chicken are well done.
6)add the pasta and mixed it well.
7)add the broccoli and grate some cheddar.
8)simmer for a few minutes..n walaa,ur pasta is ready to serve!

see..easy rite?n the taste is great as well!my son ♥ it so much.. n that matters a lot!

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